Introducing Cuyahoga County’s Blog

by Armond Budish , County Executive


We are excited to launch this blog for YOU – Our residents, businesses, partners, visitors and so many others who are making Cuyahoga County a great place to live, work and play. 

Here you will find updates on what we are doing and conversations about ideas that excite us. We will share our plans for the future of our county, and Look forward to your ideas, feedback and suggestions. 

In this space, you will hear from me, our Chief of Staff, Sharon Sobol Jordan and members of our leadership team. 

We know that for our region to succeed, your County Government must do its part.  For us, this means striving to be innovative, transformational and collaborative in our work, and relentlessly focused on expanding access to opportunities for prosperity in our county. 

At the heart of all that we do is our sincere belief that together we thrive!  In upcoming posts we hope to illustrate how we, as County Leaders, are working together and with many of you to build a better future for this great place we call home. 

I am excited to start the conversation with a new post by Law Director, Bob Triozzi on his RNC experience, and am looking forward to hearing about yours.  Thank you and happy reading.

If you have specific topics or ideas you’d like to see us cover please contact us