Meet the 2019 Weights and Measures Seals

by Sheryl Harris , Director, Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs
It’s a new year—and that means 2019 Weights and Measures seals will begin appearing on scales and gas pumps across the County.

Blue, white and orange circular seal that says "Inspected and Sealed, Armond Budish Cuyahoga County Executive, 2019-2020There’s more to a Weights and Measures seal than meets the eye.

State-certified County inspectors test devices for accuracy using nationally approved standards. If a device works correctly, inspectors seal the mechanism inside to keep it from being tampered with.

Then inspectors place a visual seal—the ones seen here—on the device’s exterior to show consumers they can trust that device to measure correctly.

Devices that shortchange consumers are put out of service until they are repaired.

Weights and Measures seals are good for a year, so County residents will continue to see 2018 seals on devices through much of 2019. The date range on the 2019 orange-and-blue was updated to reflect that seals are good into the following year.

In a typical year, Cuyahoga County inspectors test about 12,000 devices, ranging from grocery scales to timed meters and gas pumps. That number doesn’t include devices in the City of Cleveland, which has its own Weights and Measures jurisdiction.

Blue, white and green circular seal that says "Inspected and Sealed, Armond Budish Cuyahoga County Executive, 2018Cuyahoga County residents who spot unsealed devices or seals dated 2017 or older can file a complaint online or with our office at 216-443-7035.

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