Computer Distribution Partnership Helps Job Seekers Find Sustainable Employment

by Miranda Kortan , Communications Specialist, Cuyahoga County Department of Communications
A man sitting at a table using a computer Jobs today require workers to have skills and training beyond a high school diploma. But did you know there are a wide variety of in-demand jobs that require some education and certification after high school, but not a bachelor’s degree?

Many of these jobs make up a category called “Opportunity Occupations,” which have been identified by Federal Reserve Bank researchers. These are jobs that pay good wages—above the national annual median wage—with long-term career potential. The Cleveland-Elyria Ohio metro area is 7th out of 121 metro areas in the share of employment in Opportunity Occupations.

Ohio Means Jobs| Cleveland-Cuyahoga County (OMJ|CC), one of the County’s most crucial partners in the work to help job seekers find sustainable employment, partnered with PCs for People and Mobile Beacon, two national nonprofit organizations promoting equitable access to technology, to distribute 200 free desktop computers and mobile internet hotspots to local job seekers.

“Ohio Means Jobs connects individuals to the skills, supports and opportunities they need to gain stability and self-sufficiency. Having access to an affordable computer, internet, and digital literacy skills is key to their success in obtaining and retaining a sustainable job,” said Tina Stennes PCs for People National Director of Marketing and Communications.

Top 5 Most Common Opportunity Occupations in Ohio's 8 Largest Metros: 1. Registered Nurse 2. General & Operations Managers 3. Bookkeeping, accounting & auditing clerks 4. Heavy and tractor-Trailer Drivers 5. Maintenance & Repair WorkersTo date the program has been a great success, with many job seekers reporting that the computer and internet access is essential to their job search and choosing to continue their hotspot internet service after the first month free.

The program was announced during In-Demand Jobs Week, May 6-10, 2019, with the support of County Executive Armond Budish and local partners as an opportunity to let job seekers, especially graduating seniors, know about the wide variety of in-demand jobs that pay good wages with long-term career potential.

As of December 2019, all 200 free computers have been distributed. Free wireless internet hotspots are still available, and employment Specialists will continue to provide eligibility verification for job seekers to access technology at affordable prices through PCs for People.

Job seekers are still eligible to purchase additional technology, including laptops, tablets, and more additional desktop computers, based on the verification provided by their Employment Specialist.

For more information, contact Ohio Means Jobs| Cleveland-Cuyahoga County at 216-777-8200, or in person at 1910 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, OH.

Job seekers can contact Pcs for People at (216) 930-5741 or visit their office at 3126 St. Clair Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114.