Local Innovators Championed Through The Lab Inaugural Cohort

by Devyn Giannetti , Communications Specialist, Communications Department

blue graphic of beaker over words The Lab in blackWhere can you find advanced robotics, hydroponic farms, and culinary literacy programs all in one place?

All these programs make up The Lab @ Cuyahoga County, connecting entrepreneurs with subject matter expertise, data and customer feedback needed to make the jump from product ideation and validation to product launch. The inaugural cohort of The Lab connects these local entrepreneurs and businesses with public sector partners to test new ideas, products, or services in a real-world environment.

The Cuyahoga County Office of Innovation & Performance received over 30 applications and selected six businesses and entrepreneurs to participate in its inaugural cohort:

1. RoadPrintz

What It Is: RoadPrintz uses advanced robotics, geolocation, and sensor technology to apply street markings, like turn arrows or bike symbols, without stencils.

Goal: To reduce the costs and time regularly associated with applying street markings and to reduce injuries to road workers by eliminating the need for workers to be on the road.

Community Partner: Working with the Cleveland Metroparks, RoadPrintz will test the efficiency and accuracy of their prototype at various parking lots in the Cleveland Metroparks Euclid Creek Reservation.

2. [unBail]

What It Is: [unBail] is a simple, interactive, user-centric platform that guides defendants through the criminal legal system by providing users to court provided and external resources.

Goal: To become a trusted advisor for defendants and their families and encourage the best possible outcomes for defendants and democratize information about the criminal legal system.

Community Partner: The [unBail ] team will connect with Cuyahoga County subject matter experts to gather information to support application development.

3. CablePlant

What It Is: CablePlant is a web-based software for documenting network infrastructure, ethernet cabling and other network assets.

Goal: Designed with simplicity in mind, CablePlant features include a centralized dashboard to display critical status, live maps to visualize pathways for outside infrastructure and a customer report generator.

Community Partner: Working with Cuyahoga County subject matter experts, CablePlant will identify additional features and infrastructure documentation needs to support application development.

4. Recipe Re-Mix 

What It Is: Recipe Re-Mix is developing a technological product to expand healthy recipe programming and benefit enrollment assistance to seniors using smart devices (i.e. smart speakers like Amazon Alexa). 

Goal: To bring positive culinary literacy programming to Cleveland’s urban population and remove barriers to healthy eating. 

Community Partner: Working with Cuyahoga County Public Library, Recipe Re-mix will gather information and expertise to identify potential audiences and expand program delivery.

5. AugTagger 

What It Is: AugTagger is a geo-spatial information delivery network that provides a platform for extended reality application development. 

Goal: Using location-based messaging and functionality, applications built on AugTagger can provide users with information on the world around them. 

Community Partner: Working with the Cleveland Metroparks, AugTagger is gathering information to support product and business plan development for the non-profit and public sectors.

6. EvergreenCLE 

What It Is: A smart growing solution, EvergreenCLE leverages IoT technology to provide an optimal indoor growing environment. Users can leverage technology to monitor and automate nutrients, PH, water, temperature, lights, and air exchange all from their smart device. 

Goal: Turning unused indoor space into automated hydroponic farms, EvergreenCLE’s mission is to empower communities to become food independent. 

Community Partner: Beginning in September, EvergreenCLE will complete a pilot test of a 9-foot automated growing dome at Cleveland Public Library’s downtown branch to spark conversation about indoor urban farming as well as the use cases for tech-enabled agriculture.

“Throughout the pilot process, The Lab @ Cuyahoga County has provided a stable playing field and much-needed encouragement as we have tried to navigate the pandemic’s emerging impacts on our business,” said Sam Bell, CEO of RoadPrintz Inc.

“The Lab matched us with the Cleveland Metroparks who have been very accommodating. Pairings like this are very helpful to nascent companies like ours, especially during times of major disruptions.”

"Turning an idea into a usable product requires a lot of research,” said William Ziwelinski, Co-Founder of Cable Plant. “The ideation track from The Lab provided resources that would have otherwise been hard to reach. By participating in the program, I gained valuable insight for planning and development."

For more information on The Lab’s first cohort, visit cuyahogacounty.us/thelab.