Archives Advisory Commission

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Judith Cetina
3951 Perkins Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114

Description of Board and Responsibilities:

The Cuyahoga County Archives Advisory Commission (CCAAC) was established by the County Council of the County of Cuyahoga Ohio pursuant to Article III, Section 3.09(2) of the Charter of Cuyahoga County, by enacting Ordinance No. 02014-0028, amending the Cuyahoga County Code to enact Section 206.11, adopted October 14, 2014.

The CCAAC has the following Powers and Duties:

A. To promote the identification and preservation of Cuyahoga County's historical records by identifying the necessary resources and raising the visibility of the Archives.
B. to ensure availability of Cuyahoga County's historical records by identifying facilities that meet best standards for archival preservation and, which may easily be accessed by the citizens of Cuyahoga County.
C. To raise awareness of the historical value and significance of Cuyahoga County's historical records through effective public programming.
D. To recommend the appropriate practices, policies and procedures to bridge the gap between technological efficiencies and historical competencies.
E. To encourage best practices that align with the standards of a modern archival administration and are in accordance with the terms as defined by the Society of American Archivists.


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The CCAAC has nine members: five are electors of the County to be appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by County Council, and four ex officio members. The latter to consist of the Chief Information Officer or designee; the Director of Public Works or designee; a member of county Council as determined by the President of Council; and the Clerk of Council. The appointed members serve for four years. With regard to the initial terms of appointed CCAAC members, three shall be named to full terms and two members appointed to half terms.


Archives Advisory Commission Bylaws

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Name Term Ends Appointed By/Representation
N/A Clerk of Council
N/A Council
N/A Public Works
N/A Chief Information Officer
Nov 30, 2025 County Executive
Nov 30, 2023 County Executive
Nov 30, 2025 County Executive
Nov 30, 2025 County Executive
Nov 30, 2023 County Executive

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