Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation

Contact Information:

Courtney Lehman
50 Public Square #200, Cleveland, OH 44113


Description of Board and Responsibilities:

Each LEEDCo member -- Erie (Pa.), Ashtabula, Lake, Cuyahoga, and Lorain Counties, Cleveland, and The Cleveland Foundation -- appoints a LEEDCo Board Member, who is responsible for providing strategic direction and authorizing major management decisions. For this reason, LEEDCo's Board represents a multitude of community interests along Lake Erie's southern coast, better positioning LEEDCo to build an offshore wind industry that balances the need for new clean energy sources with the need to protect Lake Erie's existing uses.


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While there are not formal qualifications, members are subject to appointment by the County Executive and must be vetted as capable.


LEED Bylaws

Enabling Legislation:

Meeting Information:

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Name Term Ends Appointed By/Representation
N/A Erie
N/A Port Authority
N/A Lake
N/A Ashtabula
N/A City of Cleveland
N/A Lorain
N/A The Cleveland Foundation
Apr 30, 2024 County Executive