Public Defenders Commission

Contact Information:

Mark Budzar
310 W. Lakeside Ave., Suite 400, Cleveland, Ohio 44113


Description of Board and Responsibilities:

The County Public Defender Commission shall appoint the County Public Defender. The Commission determines the qualifications and size of the supporting staff and facilities and other requirements needed to maintain and operate the office of the County Public Defender.


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While there are not formal qualifications, members are subject to appointment by the County Executive and the Court of Common Pleas and must be vetted as capable by those entities.

Enabling Legislation:

Meeting Information:

Meetings shall be held quarterly and at such other times as called by the chairperson or by request of the public defender at Courthouse Square - 310 W. Lakeside, 4th Floor Conference Room. Please contact the Public Defender's Office for more information.


Name Term Ends Appointed By/Representation
Dec 31, 2023 Common Pleas Court
Dec 31, 2024 Common Pleas Court
Dec 31, 2023 County Executive
Dec 31, 2024 County Executive
Dec 31, 2024 County Executive