Women's Health Commission

Contact Information:

Zoe Toscos
Office of County Executive Chris Ronayne
2079 East 9th St., Cleveland, OH 44115

Description of Board and Responsibilities:

The Women’s Health Commission will advise the County Executive on all matters regarding women’s health, including reproductive healthcare. It will also help to guide the use of grants and other funding around women’s and reproductive health in Cuyahoga County. Additionally, it will develop strategies to engage the public about the issues of women’s health. The commission will also create a crisis response plan in the case of a total abortion ban. Members will serve a 3 – year term.


  1. Act as a resource for information, advice, and recommendations regarding the County’s goals, strategies, and programs to support women’s health.
  2. Create recommendations for allocating grant funding related to women’s health issues.
  3. Provide advice and recommendations regarding funding programs to support better access to women’s healthcare.
  4. Meet publicly quarterly to provide a forum for the public to offer ideas and recommendations regarding women’s health.
  5. Serve as a resource for crisis response around the status of reproductive rights in the state of Ohio.
  6. Create a crisis response plan to take effect should there be a total abortion ban.
  7. Upon completing its work and at other times as appropriate, the commission shall report findings and recommendations for policies and programs from the Women’s Health Commission and collected from the public regarding women’s health to the Executive and Cuyahoga County Council. This report will be available to the public online.


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The commission will consist of 13 members, three of whom will be the County Executive, the President of County Council, and the Director of Health and Human Services (or their designees). The President of the MetroHealth System will serve or appoint a designee. The remaining nine seats will be filled by healthcare providers, members of the legal community, people who work directly with community organizations, and others with lived experience. All members must be electors in Cuyahoga County. Members serve without compensation.

Enabling Legislation:

Meeting Information:

This commission is still in formation. Membership and meeting information will be made available after County Council confirmation. The commission will meet publicly once per quarter.

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Name Term Ends Appointed By/Representation
N/A County Executive
N/A Council President
N/A President of MetroHealth
N/A Director of HHS
Apr 30, 2025 County Executive
Apr 30, 2025 County Executive
Apr 30, 2025 County Executive
Apr 30, 2026 County Executive
Apr 30, 2026 County Executive
Apr 30, 2026 County Executive
Apr 30, 2027 County Executive
Apr 30, 2027 County Executive
Apr 30, 2027 County Executive


Date Title Files
6/05/2024 06/05/2024 - Women's Health Commission Meeting

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