Committee of the Whole

The full Council may operate as a Committee of the Whole, with the President and Vice-President of Council serving as the President and Vice-President of the committee, respectively. The President may refer any matters to the Committee of the Whole in the same way that matters are referred to other committees.



  • Chair: Pernel Jones, Jr. (District 8), Council President
  • Patrick Kelly (District 1)
  • Dale Miller (District 2)
  • Martin J. Sweeney (District 3)
  • Michael P. Byrne (District 4)
  • Michael J. Gallagher (District 5)
  • Jack H. Schron, Jr. (District 6)
  • Yvonne M. Conwell (District 7)
  • Meredith M. Turner (District 9)
  • Cheryl L. Stephens (District 10), Council Vice-President
  • Sunny M. Simon (District 11)