FitzGerald Announces Agreement Between the Cleveland FoodBank and The Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland

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CLEVELAND – Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald announced today that the Cleveland Foodbank and the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland have reached an agreement that clarifies each group’s role in the distribution of emergency food aid throughout the County and ensures the efficient administration of Cuyahoga County funding for hunger relief.  With this agreement, the parties have also promised to continue finding new methods of increasing efficiencies to ensure that the hungry are fed nutritious meals while maximizing community resources.

“We are thrilled that we were able to bring together these two non-profit organizations that are on the front line of dealing with hunger in Cuyahoga County,” said FitzGerald.  “This is an example of previous walls being torn down and each organization stepping forward to recognize that both the Foodbank and the Hunger Network have roles to play in feeding the hungry.  With resources strained due to a combination of demand for emergency food and the reality of budget constraints, it is more important than ever that non-profit groups find effective ways to collaborate like these groups have.”

Cuyahoga County provides approximately $1.1 million annually to purchase food to feed hungry people in the county.  The Cleveland Foodbank and the Hunger Network of Greater Cleveland have actively sought to determine their individual roles in the past, but believed that the County’s input would be invaluable.   FitzGerald met with each organization within days of being sworn in as Cuyahoga County Executive to address areas of collaboration.  

"We are so impressed that Ed FitzGerald has made hunger such a priority so early in his administration,” said Anne Goodman, the Executive Director of the Cleveland Foodbank.   “The level of support the County is offering to hunger centers is huge.   The Foodbank believes strongly that working in partnership with all those involved in the fight against hunger is imperative."

“We believe that this agreement benefits the community because it leverages each group’s respective expertise,” said Dana Irribarren, Executive Director of the Hunger Network.  “We expect to see a continued expansion of healthy food options for the hungry and continued effective management of the more than 30 hunger centers supported by the County funds that provide a hunger safety-net for the community.”

“The  agreement that was reached is not just about funding for this calendar year,  but about working together in the future so that all of us – the Foodbank, the  Hunger Network, and Cuyahoga County – will have a place at the table to make  the best decisions possible,” said FitzGerald.