Cuyahoga County Urban Tree Canopy Workshop

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Study finds that 44.8% of county has opportunity for additional tree canopy

CLEVELAND – The Cuyahoga County Planning Commission and the Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization will hold an Urban Tree Canopy workshop on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the NEORSD Environmental Services Center.  The workshop is an opportunity to review the findings from the recently released Cuyahoga County Urban Tree Canopy Study and learn how to use the new interactive online tool for planning, preserving and planting your urban forest.

“The Urban Tree Canopy Study was an exciting opportunity for the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission to collaborate with Cleveland Metroparks,” said Glenn Coyne, Executive Director, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission.  “Together, we were able to combine and leverage our expertise in Geographic Information Systems and natural resources. We've expanded what would have been a number of city-by-city studies to a single countywide study.”

Tree canopy is the layer of leaves, branches, and stems of trees that cover the ground when viewed from above. Tree canopy provides improved air and water quality, reduced stormwater runoff, improved natural habitat, and many other benefits. This assessment provides meaningful metrics on the extent of existing and possible tree canopy in the County's communities, watersheds, and neighborhoods.

The tree canopy study found that nearly 110,000 acres of the county were covered by tree canopy, representing 37.6% of all land in the county. An additional 44.8% (371,000 acres) of the county could theoretically be modified to accommodate additional tree canopy.

City leaders and planners, GIS specialists, community arborists and tree commissions, community development staff and citizen foresters interested in participating in this event should register online at by April 11, 2014. For assistance and additional information, please call (216) 241-2414 x610.