Cuyahoga County Emergency Management Urges Residents to “Stay Prepared” For Winter Weather

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CLEVELAND – November 16th to November 22nd is 2014 Ohio Winter Weather Awareness Week. The Cuyahoga County Office of Emergency Management urges everyone to take a moment and review their plans for coping with winter weather.

Snow and ice storms, flooding from rapid thaws, extended power outages caused by winter storms, and illnesses caused by hypothermia or influenza are more likely to occur during the winter months. While we can’t change the weather, we can become better prepared.

Preparing Your Home

  • Allow your faucets to drip to help prevent pipes from bursting.
  • Have safe emergency heating equipment, such as a fireplace with an ample supply of wood or coal.

Preparing You Car

  • Check the antifreeze in your car and make sure you have the right amount and mixture. 
  • If you don’t already have them, purchase jumper cables to store in your car.

Preparing your Family

  • Develop a plan for home and work. Be sure to designate a friend or relative as a point of contact if you are separated from your family.
  • Build a disaster supply kit that includes items like non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries, and other supplies.

Additional preparedness tips and information can be found at ReadyCuyahoga at

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