Budish Returns Over 40% of Transition Funds to Cuyahoga County General Revenue Fund

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Emily Lundgard, (216) 348-4395

CLEVELAND – Demonstrating his continued commitment to fiscal accountability, Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish today announced the savings and return of over 40%, or $107,915, of the funds budgeted for transition operations to the Cuyahoga County General Revenue Fund.

“It is critical that we ensure Cuyahoga County taxpayers always have an efficient, effective county government that works for them,” said Budish. “We are committed to responsible stewardship of the taxpayers’ money. We were able to save money by carefully limiting expenditures and recruiting dozens of volunteers who donated hundreds of hours to the transition process. Returning these dollars to the General Revenue Fund will allow us to continue to meet critical needs of all Cuyahoga County residents.”

The Budish administration is returning $107,915 of the $250,000 allocated last year by the County Council. By returning the money to the General Revenue Fund, Budish is helping to ensure that revenues will be provided for economic development, human services, justice operations, and other urgent priorities.

“Our administration is focused squarely on ensuring that every dollar spent is done so with full transparency, accountability, and efficiency” added Budish’s chief of staff, Sharon Sobol Jordan.

Last September, County Council enacted legislation that was introduced by then-Council Vice President Dan Brady to provide $250,000 to the eventual County Executive-elect to help ensure a seamless and transparent transition process.