Director of Sustainability Disappointed with Ohio Lawmakers Recommendation to Continue Freeze on Renewable Energy and Efficiency Mandates

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CLEVELAND – Cuyahoga County Director of Sustainability, Mike Foley, issued the following statement to express his deep disappointment with Ohio Lawmakers who will recommend that Ohio continue its freeze on renewable energy and efficiency mandates:

“We are proud that Cuyahoga County has increased our purchase of renewably sourced fuel to 75% of our county building needs. But having local governments like ours act responsibly is small in comparison to what state policy can do. A continued state freeze will hurt renewable and energy efficiency development in Ohio at the exact moment in history where we should be doing everything in our power to encourage a cleaner energy grid.

The Federal EPA Clean Power Plan will force Ohio to adopt rules to reduce our overall energy generated from dirty, coal fired power sources by 2032 by a significant amount, and the standards the State had in place before the freeze would most likely have gotten us to the CPP requirements if left intact. In essence a continued freeze is irrational and harmful to Ohio and to Cuyahoga County.”