Twenty Percent of Stores Overcharged Consumers in Cuyahoga County Consumer Affairs Price Check Sweep

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CLEVELAND – In preparation for the statewide sales tax holiday August 7th – 9th, the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs performed a price-check sweep on back-to-school items to ensure that consumers are getting the prices advertised by stores. Twenty percent of the stores checked by county (8 of 36) failed the audit.

Inspectors from the Weights and Measures division recently conducted a price-check sweep on 36 stores throughout Cuyahoga County, excluding the City of Cleveland, which has their own Office of Consumer Affairs. Inspectors checked 25 back-to-school items at each of the stores. Out of the 36 stores inspected, 28 stores passed the audit.

Kmart – 3 stores inspected (2 passed, 1 failed)
Marc’s – 13 stores inspected (13 passed, 0 failed)
Office Max – 7 stores inspected (3 passed, 4 failed)
Target – 6 stores inspected (5 passed, 1 failed)
Walmart – 7 stores inspected (5 passed, 2 failed)

The stores that failed the sweep were required to correct their scanners immediately while in the presence of an inspector. A random price check will be performed again by Cuyahoga County Weights and Measures inspectors at a later date. The store list, with addresses, is on the Consumer Affairs web page,

“Small overcharges can add up,” said Sheryl Harris, Interim Director, Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs. “Our findings are a reminder to shoppers to watch as their purchases are scanned and make sure their receipts reflect the advertised prices.” 

Consumers who want to report an advertised price that has been rung up incorrectly or a scam, should call 216-443-7010 or file online