Despite Decreases in Sales Tax Revenues, Cuyahoga County Projects to Come in Under Budget

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First Quarter Fiscal Update Released

– The Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office released the 2018 First Quarter Update to Council on May 3rd. The report is available at: 

“Despite significant federal and state cuts to our revenues we are performing better than anticipated in the budget for the first quarter,” said Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish. “I cannot stress enough how critical it is for us to continue with our efficient fiscal stewardship of taxpayers’ dollars while also providing the services that our residents need. It is a challenge and I am proud to say we are well on track.”

The report shows that the County is projected to be about $9 million under budget in the General Fund and $9 million under budget in the Levy Funds, which are the county’s largest operating funds.

While spending less than budgeted, the County is also paying down its debt. This year, the County is projected to pay $86 million toward debt. In addition, the County paid $4.5 million in unbudgeted monies to settle lawsuits with three individuals who were wrongfully convicted and incarcerated many years ago.

The federal/state cut to the Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO) sales tax is impacting County revenues significantly. Overall, the sales tax revenues collected in the first quarter of 2018 are 10% less than the taxes collected in 2017. The MCO cuts make up the bulk of those losses. Excluding MCO, through April sales tax collections are up 1% year over year.

A restructure of the County’s investment portfolio has increased yields from an average of 1.4% to 1.7%.

First Quarter Statistics:
  • Appraised 386,789 commercial and residential properties
  • Processed 113,120 auto and boat titles: an average of 1,257 each day
  • Reduced 1,972 pounds of carbon through the UH Bike Share Program, which logged 2,236 miles
  • Adopted 21 children into permanent families
  • Collected more than $52 million in child support on behalf of Cuyahoga County children
  • Processed more than 62,000 applications for benefits - an average of 682 each day – including 20,000 applications for food assistance and over 30,000 applications for Medicaid
  • Provided high-quality pre-kindergarten education to 4,252 children
  • Provided shelter to 2,800 homeless adults and children
  • Adopted 388 dogs and cared for 106 dogs in the County Kennel on an average daily basis
  • Provided workforce development services to more than 6,300 adults and teenagers, including placing more than 900 adults in jobs