Additional Funding to Newborn Home Visit Program

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Cleveland – The Cuyahoga County Board of Control approved $67,346 in additional funding to the Newborn Home Visiting Program. The program, administered by Invest in Children in cooperation with the Cuyahoga County District Board of Health, provides a free in-home visit to low-income and teenage mothers within the first few weeks of bringing a baby home. The additional funding will raise Cuyahoga County’s 2019 contribution to the program to $524,408 and allow for database updates and enhancements to better track program participants.

“The Newborn Home Visiting Program is an important component in our work to lower the county’s infant mortality rate,” said Rebekah Dorman, Director of Cuyahoga County’s Invest in Children. “It’s all about setting up children and families for success. The program helps identify potential issues early, and it gives us a chance to connect families to other community resources that will help their children thrive.”

Invest in Children is a key partner in the First Year Cleveland Collaborative whose mission is to significantly reduce Cuyahoga County’s infant mortality rates. Through investment in home site visits like the Newborn Home Visiting Program, the infant mortality rate was reduced by more than 20 percent since 2015.

During the newborn visit, a registered nurse discusses the health and growth of the baby and answers any questions the parents may have. The nurse completes a non-invasive health screening, including a maternal depression screening, and will also conduct an environmental scan to check on the baby’s sleeping environment, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and any potential hazards that should be addressed. The goal is to identify concerns early and link the family with community resources and services that will help the child and family thrive.

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Invest in Children mobilizes resources and energy to ensure the well-being of all young children in Cuyahoga County, provide supportive services to parents and caregivers, and build awareness, momentum, and advocacy in the community around children and family issues.