Licensing for Dockless Bike and Scooter Share

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CUYAHOGA COUNTY — The Cuyahoga County Department of Sustainability introduced an ordinance at yesterday’s County Council meeting licensing bikeshare and scooter share operations in the county.

The bike and scooter share program is a transportation program that allows users to rent bikes, scooters, electric bikes and other approved modes of transportation within Cuyahoga County for point-to-point trips. Dockless devices are bikes and scooters that lock to themselves and can be left and picked up from anywhere.

A county-wide licensing system helps regulate where bicycles are available and minimizes the chance for operators to congest popular destinations with an abundance of bicycles.

“Cuyahoga County has a robust transportation system, and this is just another way to make it easier for residents to get around,” said County Executive Armond Budish. “There is a real health and environmental benefit for the entire community, and bike and scooter share programs are a great way to travel around the county.”

Licenses will be effective for one year commencing on the date of issuance. A cap can be placed on the total number of licenses issued.

Any funds remitted directly to the County will be deposited into the Bicycle and Scooter Share Fund, which will be used to pay for the cost, reimbursement or improvement of the County’s bicycle and scooter infrastructure and the Department of Sustainability’s costs of administering the program.

“We have averaged about 25,000 rides a year on the current system,” said Mike Foley, Director of the Department of Sustainability. “While this is a strong number, we really want to expand bike and scooter share services outside of just Cleveland to help lower CO2 emissions from the transportation sector as well as complement existing RTA routes. We hope this licensing program will help us more easily manage and organize bike and scooter share for residents of Cuyahoga County.”