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First Cuyahoga Performance Report Released by County

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Mary Louise Madigan: (216) 698-2521, mlmadigan@cuyahogacounty.us 

CUYAHOGA COUNTY — Today Cuyahoga County released its first public Cuyahoga Performance Report. This report uses data collected throughout 2018 to identify how the County is making progress toward the 15 goals of the Cuyahoga County Strategic Plan and where opportunities for improvement exist. Future reports will occur on a quarterly basis, beginning in 2019.

The Cuyahoga Performance Report aims to help show the impact and better inform the community of County programs and services. This report will be used internally to recognize success, identify challenges and initiate change within the organization.

“We have the power to create a stronger, healthier county and have high expectations of what County government can accomplish,” said County Executive Armond Budish. “It’s important for us to have ongoing tracking of our progress toward our goals. That way, if a program or service needs adjusting we can make that fix. Or if we are seeing good success and outcomes we can increase support for the program.”

The Cuyahoga Performance Report consists of five sections, one for each of the five strategic themes of the Cuyahoga County Strategic Plan: regional growth, economic opportunity, individual well-being, mobilizing cross-sector resources and providing superior services.

Cuyahoga Performance will continue to evolve as programs change and the ability to measure impact improves. 2018 served as a baseline data collection year for many of the measures.

“Regular public reporting on performance metrics is a best practice for government organizations,” said Catherine Tkachyk, Chief Innovation and Performance Officer. “Cuyahoga Performance is the County’s first effort into public reporting Countywide on performance metrics. This process will help us to determine if we are meeting the goals of the Cuyahoga County Strategic Plan, or if we need to make changes to our efforts. As we continue with Cuyahoga Performance, we’re committed to improving performance, how we measure our success, and how we share that information publicly.”

View the Cuyahoga Performance report.