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Medical Examiner: 8 Overdose Deaths Over Memorial Day Weekend

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18 Overdose Deaths Since May 20th

– Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner Dr. Thomas Gilson, today issued a public health alert – the second alert in less than a week, stating that Cuyahoga County has suffered 8 suspected overdose deaths over the Memorial Day Weekend. At least 18 overdose deaths have occurred since May 20th. Fentanyl is likely to blame for the recent rash of overdose deaths.

Death Date Month Death Date Day Death Date Gender Age Hispanic Race Residence City
05 20  2019 Male  59  No  Black  Cleveland 
05 21  2019 Male  44  No  White  Cleveland 
05 21  2019 Male  52  No  White  Plymouth
05 22 2019 Female  27  No  White  Cleveland 
05 22  2019 Female  62  No  Black  Cleveland 
05 22  2019 Male  27  No  White  Cleveland 
05 22  2019 Male  56  No  Black  Cleveland 
05 23  2019 Female  62  No  Black  Cleveland 
05 23  2019 Female  50  No  Black  Cleveland 
05 23  2019 Female  33  No  White  Rocky River 
05 24  2019 Male  63  No  White  Cleveland 
05 24  2019 Female  58  No  Black  East Cleveland 
05 24  2019 Male  54  No  White  Cleveland 
05 25  2019 Male  36  No  White  Garfield Heights 
05 25  2019 Male  65  No  Black  Cleveland 
05 25  2019 Male  53  No  Black  Cleveland 
05 26  2019 Male  45  No  White  Cleveland 
05 27  2019 Male  41  No  Black  Cleveland 

“I’m deeply concerned about the number of overdose fatalities we’ve seen within the past week. Additionally, we are seeing a high percentage of African American victims — 50 percent.” said Dr. Thomas Gilson. “While we are still gathering information, early indications are that many of the fatalities are a result of fentanyl/crack cocaine. We are coordinating efforts with other major metropolitan areas within Ohio to see if they are experiencing the same.”

Cuyahoga County, The United States Attorney’s Office, Cleveland Police Department, and other community partners are working together to curb this unfolding public health emergency. More information will be provided later this week.

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If you or anyone that you know is actively using or recovering from opioid addiction, contact Project DAWN for information at 216-778-5677. Eligible program participants, are given FREE Naloxone kits – the opioid reversing antidote. Additionally, the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board of Cuyahoga County provides a 24-hour crisis hotline at 216-623-6888.