County Adds 36 Corrections Officers to Downtown Jail Staff

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626 Officers Noted as Highest Employee Count to Date

— County Executive Armond Budish announced an increase in Correction Officer staffing at the downtown jail today. “Over the last two weeks, we have brought on 27 new hires and transferred 9 officers to the downtown jail, thereby increasing our total CO staffing to 626 as of today, believed to be our highest total ever. While there is much more work to be done with hiring to account for retirements and resignations, this is solid progress.”

Since January 2018, the Personnel Review Commission has reviewed almost 1,500 Corrections Officer employment applications, invited over 1,100 to test and tested over 599. The Departments of Corrections and Human Resources have partnered to conduct interviews and jail tours for more than 325 candidates interested in a career in corrections. Of those the county hired 197 qualified applicants.

Increases in CO staffing leads to improved safety for both inmates and officers. The county is committed to increasing the staff of Corrections Officers to 675 in its ongoing effort to address the challenges of the jail. People interested in applying can access an application at or call 216-443-7190 and ask to speak with a team member.