County Reaches Another Milestone with Enterprise Resource Planning Program

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Three Functionalities Implemented as Part of Core ERP Functionality

– On Monday, February 3, the Cuyahoga County Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program completed the successful launch of three functionalities, including Accounts Payable, Procurement Requisitions and Purchase Orders, Cash Management and Treasury.

“We are continuing to make large strides with this enterprise-wide implementation thanks to our hard-working ERP team,” said County Executive Armond Budish. “We’re continuing to create more efficient, modernized processes at the County and I am pleased with our positive momentum on this comprehensive system overhaul.”

With this launch, the County is significantly improving its fiscal management. Key enhancements related to this go live include:
  1. Better management of funds: All purchases are now validated against a budget at time of entry to ensure funding is available for the purchase.
  2. Improved accountability: The ERP system establishes strict segregation of duty roles for purchasing and fiscal transactions.
  3. Streamlining systems: When complete, the overall ERP program will allow the County to streamline and consolidate fiscal and personnel systems. With this launch, the use of the FAMIS system will be dramatically reduced with only few remaining functions left to be converted to Infor. The consolidation of systems creates efficiencies for the County and provides better data to support decision making.
  4. Improved visibility and access into budgets by departments and agencies. Each department and agency can now access their budget status directly without needing to contact Fiscal Office personnel.

The implementation of the ERP system will consolidate data that was previously kept in three major financial and personnel legacy systems. The integrated data and systems will allow the County to more efficiently complete back end processes and improve data driven decision making.

“This was the largest go-live for the ERP to-date and was a major step in bringing a more streamlined and integrated financial system to the County. As staff gets more familiar with the system we expect to see increases in productivity and data driven decision making,” said Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer Michael Chambers.

A total of 15 core functions are now live in the County’s ERP system. Seven more core functions are scheduled to go-live in April 2020 which will complete Phase I of the ERP implementation schedule. The full list of functions is included in the below graphic.