Budish Issues Statement on Census 2020 Changes

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Miranda Kortan: (216) 698-2546; mkortan@cuyahogacounty.us 

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH - County Executive Armond Budish issued the following statement:

"The Trump administration announced this week that they were moving up the deadline for the final Census count from October 31st to September 30th. This move comes at just the time when the Census would normally be going full force to count the hardest to reach residents in our county.

"Who are these people? Generally, immigrants, the poor, the transient and young children. A disproportionate number of minorities. Now the Census must provide an accurate picture of these households—by some counts, nearly four in every 10 households—in just six weeks.

"The Census provides data that informs funding for almost every support we provide to our most vulnerable. The count also effects our representation in congress and the state house.

"The decisions that will follow, like the numbers of seats in congress, will be based in part on a comparison of our population to other communities. And if you compare Cuyahoga County to those counties that we “compete” with, we are losing.

"So far, our response rate is 63.7 percent. That trails Allegheny (Pittsburgh), Wayne (Detroit), Erie (Buffalo), Milwaukee, Baltimore, Hennepin (Minneapolis), and many others.

"This decision to shorten the count schedule is an about-face from the Census Bureau’s position early on in the pandemic when they said they needed more time to complete the count, not less. In fact, four former Census Bureau directors who have served under Democratic and Republican presidents have protested this action.

"This move is yet another in President Trump’s blatant attempt to disrupt the Census, a non-partisan activity which has survived the centuries intact. No longer.

"By causing people who are poor, minorities, and immigrants to be overlooked, the pillars of our democracy are being threatened by President Trump.

"How can you fight back? Fill out the Census! Don’t let our president dictate whether or not you will be counted. Call 844-330-2020 to fill out the Census by phone."