Cuyahoga County Approves Five Year 2021-2025 Economic Development Plan

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CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH – Cuyahoga County Council yesterday approved the County’s 2021 five-year economic development plan, which serves as an update to the County’s 2020 COVID-19 recovery plan and offers strategic goals to continue to rebuild the County as the economy shows signs of recovering from the pandemic.

“The County has been creating strategic partnerships for business growth and business attraction in our region. We have prioritized supporting businesses throughout COVID. We remain committed to supporting businesses, creating jobs, and implementing innovative solutions to attract businesses to Cuyahoga County,” said Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish. “For example, our microgrid will provide the most reliable electric power in the county. Lake Erie provides the needed fresh water to attract businesses to our region and provides recreation opportunity for our residents and visitors.”

The County’s COVID-19 recovery plan offered strategies that Cuyahoga County and its partners utilized to drive economic recovery during a period of one year, July 2020 through July 2021. Outcomes of the plan included providing $8.68 million of federal CARES Act funds to 1,519 businesses and providing nearly $30 million of federal funds for emergency rental assistance payments countywide.

The County’s 2021-2025 economic development plan serves as an update to the one-year recovery plan and includes three strategies, focused on continued investment in support of small and minority businesses and residents, investing in and expanding innovation, and reducing unemployment.

Cuyahoga County’s 2021‐2025 Economic Development Plan is built on three primary objectives, each with corresponding goals, strategies, and activities:
  1. Re‐position and enhance the county brand economically, which will attract capital investment and attract new businesses.
  2. Stabilize and seek to increase the county’s population with emphasis on attracting and retaining talent needed for business attraction and growth.
  3. Advance equity and inclusion, by promoting equity in the allocation of capital, directing supportive services to minority and women owned businesses, and achieving inclusive jobs growth through improving skills and access to jobs.

Read the full five-year economic development plan.