Council to Present Board of Elections with a Proclamation

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Cuyahoga County Council to Present the Board of Elections with a Proclamation for Winning Two National Awards for Election Administration

Cleveland, OH - On Tuesday, September 23rd at its 5:00 p.m. Council Meeting, Cuyahoga County Council will present a proclamation to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections recognizing their achievement of winning two national awards from the Election Center/National Association of Election Officials. The awards highlight the Board of Elections’ exceptional work in election administration.

“We can all be proud of the awards that were received by the Board of Elections for their success in finding innovative ways to improve upon their operations,” said County Councilman Dave Greenspan. “This type of national recognition also reinforces public confidence and trust in the agency. Council is honored to award them with this proclamation.”

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections won the Eagles Award for the outstanding use of technology with its entry, “The Benefits of Audit Log Analysis,” and it also won the Stars and Stripes Award for outstanding partnerships with its entry, “Community Partnership Voter Education.”

“The Benefits of Audit Log Analysis” was awarded for developing a system of auditing the scanners that voters utilize to scan their ballots on Election Day. The new audit log system allows election staff to easily identify and solve performance issues that are flagged during the auditing process on a machine-by-machine basis. Over a thousand scanners are used during countywide elections, and after each election the data is analyzed using the system developed by the Board of Elections.

The “Community Partnership Voter Education” was awarded for the utilization of community partners to disseminate voter education information. The Board of Elections is assisted by over 300 community partners that use their communications resources to reach voters. The community partners utilize their printed newsletters, electronic communication platforms, and social media to share voter education information provided by the Board of Elections.

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