County Councilwoman Sunny Simon Sponsors Legislation to Support the Milestones Autism Resources Parent Coaching Program Expansion for Children and Families Impacted by Autism

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Cuyahoga County Council approves funding of $100,000 that will be allocated over a two-year period to support the Milestones Autism Resources’ Parent Coaching Capacity Building Initiative for Children and Families Impacted by Autism. As the primary sponsor of this program initiative, County Councilwoman Sunny Simon understands the increasing demand for community autism services. Simon is an avid proponent of programs that serve to enhance the overall well-being of individuals who may have life challenges. “Milestones provides vital services that are essential to helping individuals and families manage the daily challenges of autism,” states Councilwoman Simon.

Milestones Coaching Program provides parents, caregivers, and individuals with knowledgeable advice, customized resources, and connections to area services. The organization also provides professional development and informational support to area hospitals, school districts, and community agencies. Over the years, Milestones has provided in-service training to adult providers, including the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Public and private schools in Cuyahoga County have also reached out to Milestones to further equip their students who are transitioning into adulthood. In the past year alone, Milestones has worked with more than 250 community partners and assisted more than 2,400 parents, professionals, and individuals of all ages and abilities.

“As the incidence rate for autism continues to climb, this funding ensures that families in Cuyahoga County can access Milestones’ free coaching services to help their children reach their full potential,” said Milestones Executive Director Ilana Hoffer Skoff.

Milestones Autism Resources is an independent non-profit organization that provides information and services through four core programs that include: an Annual Conference that provides educational workshops and the opportunity for parents and professionals to share evidence-based practical strategies; Coaching, Consultations, and Trainings by professional staff on how to access needed services and advocate on behalf of their child’s needs; Teen/Adult Services for individuals 14 years and older to assist them with the creation of action plans that will help them reach their full potential; and Online Resources that provide over 1,000 autism resources, toolkits, and frequently asked questions on These services are available to children and families regardless of income.