Cuyahoga County Council Summary of Work

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As Cuyahoga County enters the sixth month of its new government, it is important to inform citizens of the accomplishments of the County Council. As a legislative body that began Jan 1, 2011 with only the broad Charter outline of our duties, temporary office space and staff, we have become an organized and functioning branch of government that has made great strides.

Although required by council rules to meet a minimum of 10 times during this initial period, Council has held 18 regular or special meetings since January - the videos of which are available on line ( We have enacted 22 ordinances, adopted 191 resolutions, and approved 35 motions with other matters currently pending before council committees. Ordinances enacted include those addressing ethics, public records, and contracting as well as a provision for free parking for those attending council meetings; all of which were thoroughly debated in public and open meetings. We have approved a comprehensive set of rules for the council. We have conducted 6 confirmation hearings for 5 cabinet level positions and confirmed 5 candidates who are currently functioning in their new positions.

In addition we have interviewed and appointed members to 7 boards of revisions, which are currently functioning. Council’s 10 committees have held 92 meetings, regularly tackling major problems facing the county, while also hearing presentations from numerous county and private sector agencies. These committees also provide a public forum in which citizens can voice any concerns regarding county government and its services.

The 11 members of council are, on a daily basis, visiting county facilities, meeting with constituents, studying budgetary matters and proposed legislation, learning the inner workings of various county functions, preparing agenda items for council and committee meetings, while also dealing with problems within their districts.

Cuyahoga County’s Council has been entrusted with the great responsibility to function as an integral and yet independent branch of a tripartite government. Each member of County Council is honored to serve the citizens of this county and our districts; and we also recognize the responsibility that we bear in terms of restoring faith in county government. Working with the County Executive we sincerely believe that we have created a new atmosphere in county government. We will continue to work diligently to make county government even more open and accessible to the citizens who elected us and whom we have the honor to serve.

C. Ellen Connally,
President of Council