April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

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Cuyahoga County DCFS staff members on Wear Blue Day.
Cuyahoga County DCFS staff members on Wear Blue Day.

Join Cuyahoga County in Building Better Childhoods

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH - April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness of the impact of child abuse and neglect, while advocating for prevention efforts. The Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is urging residents to support Building Better Childhoods by positively impacting the lives of young people through personal involvement and advocacy.


“Child abuse and neglect are preventable," said Jacqueline Fletcher, Director of the Cuyahoga County Division of Children and Family Services. “We know children flourish best when they are with their families and that there are many stressors that can lead to challenges to parent safely. We want everyone in our community to be a part of the support system for our children. By helping parents and families, we can prevent abuse and neglect.”



Wear Blue Day 2024 – April 10th:


On April 10th, Cuyahoga County staff will wear blue to recognize a statewide awareness campaign highlighting Child Abuse Prevention Month. Cuyahoga County residents are encouraged to wear blue on April 10 to show support for preventing child abuse. Join us! Take a photo with your family, coworkers, friends, and others wearing blue. Share the photo on social media and use the hashtag #CuyahogaWearsBlue.


Building Better Childhoods 5k Walk – April 24th:


Members of the public are invited to join Cuyahoga County staff and community groups on Wednesday, April 24 for the Building Better Childhoods 5k Walk. The walk begins at 10:30 a.m. at the Jane Edna Hunter building at 3955 Euclid Avenue, travels to the County's Administrative Headquarters at 2079 East 9th Street, and back. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about child abuse and emphasize the community's role in protecting children. Participants are encouraged to wear blue. Click here to register and to receive a complimentary t-shirt while supplies last.


Other Ways to Help:


  • Donate - Consider donating your time and/or resources to organizations that work with children and families. DCFS partners with various organizations, including foster care agencies, mentoring programs, and family support services who need volunteers.
  • Report - If you suspect that a child is being abused or neglected, report it immediately to DCFS or local law enforcement. By reporting your concerns, you can help protect the child and provide them with the support they need to heal and recover.
  • Help -You can offer support to struggling parents by offering to babysit, providing a meal, or connecting them with resources and services in the community.
  • Foster - Another way to make a difference is by becoming a foster parent, providing a safe and loving home for children in need.


For more information on the Building Better Childhoods campaign, contact the DCFS Outreach office at 216-881-4150 or DcfsOutreach@jfs.ohio.gov.