New Year, New Look: Weights and Measures

by Sheryl Harris , Director, Department of Consumer Affairs
As you’re shopping for groceries or buying gas, look for the county’s new 2017 Weights and Measures seals on deli scales and gas pumps. 

A current Weights and Measures seal shows you’re getting what you pay for. 

Each year, county Weights and Measures inspectors test all devices that are used to sell goods to consumers by weight, measure or volume. Inspectors use specially calibrated equipment to test everything from gold scales to gas station pumps. Only devices that pass an inspection get a county seal. 

In 2016, county Weights and Measures inspectors conducted more than 13,000 tests. That figure excludes devices located in the city of Cleveland, which has its own Weights and Measures operation. 

So what happens if a device fails an inspection? Inspectors order it out of service and clamp wires on the internal mechanism so that it can’t be used. Once the store notifies Weights and Measures that a certified tech made the repairs, inspectors re-test the device. If it passes, inspectors affix our approval seal where consumers can see it. 

It takes a lot of time to check all the devices located in the county, so you may continue to see the green-and-white 2016 seals well into the fall. But every device with a 2016 seal will be re-inspected before the end of the year. 

Our new seal is red, white and blue. Every Cuyahoga County Weights and Measures seal states the year and bears the name of County Executive Armond Budish. 

Businesses can face penalties if they use unsealed devices. 

If you spot a retail scale or pump that has no visible approval seal or if you see a seal that doesn’t have Armond Budish’s name on it, report it immediately to the Department of Consumer Affairs at 216-443-7035 or through our web site at