The Lab Cohort Member CablePlant Talks Tech

by Devyn Giannetti , Communications Specialist, Department of Communications

Man sits at computer“There is no shortage of obstacles in the way to starting a business.” That’s according to William Zielinski, Co-Founder of CablePlant.

CablePlant is an innovative software for companies to document their physical network, which could include buildings, service facilities, data cabling and network connections.

“My intent for CablePlant is to be a platform that companies can gradually adopt and easily integrate with their existing data,” Zielinski said.

Zielinski discovered The Lab @ Cuyahoga County through a local news article and appreciated that the program was a new, forward-thinking venture by the County. The Lab @ Cuyahoga County connects local entrepreneurs and businesses with public sector partners to test new ideas, products or services in a real-world environment.

CablePlant fits in to the current technological landscape, as the Internet has transitioned from a fad to an essential utility, Zielinski said. As our dependency on the Internet continues to grow, so does the expansion of underlying infrastructure.

“Talking to users is the most important part of building a product,” said Zielinski. The Lab allowed him to speak with subject matter experts to help understand the potential product demand of something like CablePlant, as well as problems that might not have been considered.

“CablePlant has a very targeted user base, but no one’s company requirements are the same,” said Zielinkski. “Understanding the unique problems different customers face helps us make better decisions for product development.”

Connecting with the County’s Information Technology Department allowed Zielinski to get the perspective of a government organization’s infrastructure. “Many of their experiences were similar to my own and I believe to be similar to many other types of businesses,” said Zielinski. “Every connection I made adds value if I learn something new.”

So what’s next for Zielinski and CablePlant?

He said the ultimate goal is to produce a product that delivers value, which can only be accomplished by continuously talking to customers and incorporating their feedback. In the immediate future, Zielinski said he’s focused on building the minimum viable product (MVP).

Zielinski was glad he applied to be a part of The Lab and looks forward to continuing his work to fully develop CablePlant.

“The Lab is a really great program which I think can lead the way in transforming Northeast Ohio’s economic development.”

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