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Cuyahoga County Announces Proposed Results of Sexennial Property Reappraisal

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CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH Cuyahoga County property owners will soon receive property valuations in the mail.

Today, the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office announced the proposed results of the state-ordered Sexennial Reappraisal and how it will affect property taxes. The proposed results, pending approval by the State of Ohio, show an average increase of 32% in home values across Cuyahoga County, ranging from 15% in Hunting Valley to 67% in East Cleveland. An increase in property valuation does not necessarily mean property taxes will increase. However, many property owners will see higher tax bills. Property owners can estimate new property taxes hereonce they receive their new property valuation in the mail.

"The reappraisal process is vital to our communities. Property valuations determine property taxes, which fund schools, parks, libraries, local government, and other essential public services," said Cuyahoga County Executive Chris Ronayne. "But changes in property taxes can have a significant impact on homeowners. We are providing detailed information and tools to help residents navigate these changes and challenge incorrect valuations. We will also ensure that all of our residents have access to resources that can help alleviate the financial challenges associated with higher tax bills."

As mandated by state law, Cuyahoga County conducts a property reappraisal every six years to determine the value of all properties within the County. Over the last several months, fiscal officers and state licensed appraisers reviewed all properties across the County. During that process, many factors were considered, including market trends, property upgrades and neighborhood characteristics.

Property owners will receive the proposed valuations in the mail in the coming weeks. Property owners who would like the Appraisal Department to reconsider the proposed valuation can file for informal review by the end of August. Informal reviews will be completed in November. Tax bills will be available in December. Tax complaints can be filed with the Board of Revision from January through March of 2025.

The County will host a series of four community informational sessions to discuss the reappraisal process, updated valuations, and property taxes. All events are open to the public and will begin in late July and run through August. Residents are strongly encouraged to attend.

“By bringing the Sexennial Reappraisal Information Sessions into the communities, we hope to leave property owners with the knowledge they need to not only understand the reappraisal process and changes to taxes, but also the tools to contest changes in valuation,” said Michael Chambers, Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer.

Sexennial Reappraisal Informational Sessions:

    • Monday, July 29, 2024
      Saint Agnes Our Lady of Fatima Church
      6800 Lexington Avenue
      Cleveland, OH 44103
      6-8 PM
    • Tuesday, July 30, 2024
      Tri-C Eastern Campus Theatre
      4250 Richmond Road
      Highland Hills, OH 44122
      6-8 PM
    • Wednesday, July 31, 2024
      Tri-C Western Campus Theatre
      11000 W. Pleasant Valley Road
      Parma, OH 44130
      6-8 PM
    • Thursday, August 1, 2024
      Urban Community School
      4909 Lorain Avenue
      Cleveland, OH 44102
      6-8 PM

The Complaint Process:

Residential property owners who want to contest their valuation have two options:

1. Informal Review Complaint July 1 – August 30, 2024 (must be received by)

File an Informal Review Complaint with the Appraisal Department by one of the following ways:

  • File electronically through the Informal Review Portal
  • Via U.S. Mail
  • Delivered in person to the Fiscal Office
    • Cuyahoga County Administrative Building
      2079 E. 9th Street, 3rd Floor
      Cleveland, Ohio 44115

When filing an Informal Review Complaint, the property owner must provide documents to support their opinion of value. Residents will receive notification of any valuation adjustment in November.

2. Formal Tax Complaint January 1 – March 31, 2025

File a Formal Tax Complaint against the valuation of Real Property by one of the following ways:

When filing a Formal Tax Complaint, the property owner must provide documents to support their opinion of value. The Board of Revision will schedule a hearing.

Additional resources for residents, including the Homestead Exemption, Military Deferment, and Owner Occupancy Credit can be found here.

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Sexennial Property Reappraisal press conference