Health & Human Services FAQs

Health & Human Services FAQs

Where can I find out about subsidized housing for seniors in Cuyahoga County?

Contact the Cuyahoga County Metropolitan Housing Association (CMHA) at (216) 771-1471 ext. 4100. This is the number to call for subsidized housing in general, not just for seniors. 

How do I get a Golden Buckeye Card?

On, or after your 60th birthday, you can sign up at various local sites including most senior centers, some libraries, selected banks, and at special community events. Call 1-800-422-1976 for a sign up site nearest your home or office. For additional information on line:

Can you help me apply for Medicare?

No, but we can direct you to the office that can help you. Call Social Security's toll free number at 1-800-772-1213. A social security representative can make an appointment for you at any convenient Social Security office. You can find out more about social security and Medicare on line at

How do I get child support?

If you are already living apart, but have not started a legal action to get a divorce or legal separation, you can contact Cuyahoga Job and Family Services at 1640 Superior Avenue, telephone (216) 263-4500. This also is how unmarried persons with a child may seek support for the child from the child's other biological parent. If you have filed for a divorce or legal separation, you will obtain a support order at the time of final hearing. Since the question of what someone's income is can become complicated, we recommend that you hire an attorney to assist you in this matter.

Who do I call to find out the status of child support and/or spousal support payments?

The Court does not keep track of or send support checks. All support checks are issued through the Ohio Child Support Payment Central, P.O. Box 182372, Columbus, Ohio 43218-2372. You may call 1-800-860-2555 to see if a payment has been posted to your account. 

How do I contact Cuyahoga Job and Family Services (CJFS)?

You may contact CJFS at 1-216-443-5100 or 1-216-263-4500 to speak with a representative of the agency. 

Who may adopt?

  • A husband and wife jointly
  • Step-parent
  • Single Adult

Who may be adopted?

  • Minor child
  • An adult person determined to be totally and permanently disabled or mentally retarded.
  • An adult may adopt another adult provided a parent- child relationship existed during the adoptee's minority.

What are the types of adoption?

  • Agency: When an agency licensed by the State of Ohio originates and handles the adoption process, Probate Court involvement is limited to the final stages of the adoption. It is the agency who approves the placement, conducts the home study, and recommends the adoption to the court. Adoption agencies have trained, professional staff, and use legal counsel to insure that adoptions are legally, effectively, and efficiently handled.
  • Independent Adoption: In Cuyahoga County, a licensed agency is not required in cases where the child is related to the persons seeking to adopt (such as a grandchild, niece, nephew, etc.). A private attorney may work directly with the court in these cases. Otherwise, if no legal relationship exists between the child and the persons seeking to adopt, an agency licensed by the State of Ohio must be involved in the adoption.
  • Step-parent: The person seeking to adopt is either a step-father or step-mother. The parent whose right is being terminated must consent unless his or her consent is not required.
  • Interstate Adoptions: Where a child is born in one state and the adopting parents are residents of another state, both States' Departments of Human Services must be involved through the Interstate Compact. The Probate Court will supervise these proceedings.
  • Foreign Adoptions: If an Ohio family adopts a child born in another country, the adoption is considered a Foreign Adoption. Adoption may occur in the country of birth or in Ohio. All foreign adoptions must be processed through the U. S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization.

Where can I obtain information about adoptions?

Check your telephone book if an address or telephone number is not listed below:

  • County Offices
  • Probate Court 
  • Children and Family Services
  • Department of Human Services
  • Private Agencies
  • Local Bar Association (for referral to attorney who specializes in adoption law)
  • Private Adoption Agencies (licensed by the State of Ohio)
  • State Agencies
  • Bureau of Vital Statistics
  • Ohio Department of Health
    35 E. Chestnut St., 6th Floor
    P.O. Box 15098
    Columbus, OH 43215-0098
  • Ohio Putative Father Registry
    30 E. Broad Street, Floor 31 
    Columbus, OH 43266-0423
  • Ohio Department of Human Services
    30 E. Broad Street, Floor 31 
    Columbus, OH 43266-0423

Where can I find out what federal, state, and Cuyahoga County benefits and programs are available for veterans and income-eligible seniors 55+?

View the Benefits CheckUp page and complete the confidential questionnaire designed by the National Council on the Aging (NCOA). Once you complete the questionnaire and enter your local zip code, you will be able to print out a customized list of federal, state, and County benefits that you may qualify for. If you don't have access to a computer, call (216) 420-6840 and Department of Senior & Adult Services staff will conduct your BenefitsCheckUp screening by phone. 

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