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Please use the follow resources to help educate and understand cybersecurity in your day-to-day life!

General Cybersecurity

  • What is Cybersecurity? – Defending yourself against cyberattacks starts with understanding the risks associated with cyber activity, what some of the basic cybersecurity terms mean, and what you can do to protect yourself. Homeland Security Tip (ST04-001)
  • New Computer? – what to do before you connect it! Computers are an essential part of our everyday lives. It’s important to properly configure your home computer before connecting it to the internet to keep it, and your information, secure. Homeland Security Tip (ST15-003)
  • Basic Safety Online – Additional resources to protect yourself, your family, and your devices. Stay Safe Online


Additional Cybersecurity

  • Home Network Security – The internet enables us to accomplish tasks, such as paying bills and keeping in touch with family, more efficiently and conveniently from our homes. However, there are security risks with this technology. Home users should understand and remain vigilant about the risks of being connected to the internet and the importance of properly securing home networks and systems. Homeland Security Tip (ST15-002)
  • Securing the Internet of Things – The Internet of Things is becoming an important part of everyday life. Being aware of the associated risks is a key part of keeping your information and devices secure. Homeland Security Tip (ST17-001)


Year specific Cybersecurity

  • Preparing for Tax Season – Taxpayers should be aware of phishing attempts to obtain sensitive data, credentials, and payment information. Homeland Security Tip (ST15-001)
  • Shopping Safely Online – Online shopping has become a popular way to purchase items without the hassles of traffic and crowds. However, the internet has unique risks, so it is important to take steps to protect yourself when shopping online. Homeland Security Tip (ST07-001)
  • Holiday Traveling with Personal Internet-Enabled Devices – The internet is at our fingertips with the widespread use of internet-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. When traveling and shopping anytime, and especially during the holidays, consider the wireless network you are using when completing transactions on your device. Homeland Security Tip (ST11-001)


Educate Others on Cybersecurity

The CISA Cybersecurity Awareness Program is a national public awareness effort aimed at increasing the understanding of cyber threats and empowering the American public to be safer and more secure online. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. We each have to do our part to keep the Internet safe. When we all take simple steps to be safer online, it makes using the Internet a more secure experience for everyone.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is in October every year!



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