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Medical Examiner's Office


The Office of the Administrator oversees building operations, community relations, procurement, and budgeting.

External Affairs / Community Outreach

Answering media inquiries, distributing public health information, and handling community outreach efforts.

Forensic Pathology

Diagnosis of disease through examination of body tissue and fluids.

General Offices

Staff include case managers, medical secretaries, statistics/document scanning, records management, and public records.


Preparing and staining tissue sections that collected during autopsy.


The unit collects information to determine if the case needs to come into the CCMEO or if it can be released.

Parentage and Identification

An AABB certified laboratory equipped with cutting edge technology in DNA testing.

Pathology Assistants

Pathology Assistants strive to ensure accurate and reliable assistance to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner.


Facial I.D. photos, autopsies, gross specimens, clothing, and trace evidence are routinely documented by the photography staff.


Property of the decedent is then verified, inventoried, documented, and stored.


The main purpose of Receiving is the intake and release of decedents.

Cuyahoga County Regional Forensic Science Laboratory

Drug Chemistry

Analysis of drugs, including controlled substances, pharmaceuticals and clandestine laboratory samples.


Fingerprints still remain the most commonly used forensic evidence worldwide.

Firearms and Toolmarks

Examination and comparison of fired ammunition components with known firearms.

Forensic DNA

The Forensic DNA Department consists of two sections: Casework and CODIS.

Trace Evidence

Assisting the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner in the determination of cause and manner of death.


The primary focus is postmortem toxicology, behavioral toxicology, and urine drug testing.

Laboratory Customer Information, Evidence Submission Policies, and Forms

Regional Forensic Science Laboratory Customer Information, evidence submission policies, and laboratory forms.