Pre-Bid Questions and Answers

Project Details

RQ6453: Reconstruction and Widening of Sprague Road from W. 130th Street to York Road in the Cities of Parma and North Royalton

5/24/2021: Excel Fluid Group/Derek Wootten

Question: “We are reviewing the Sprague road widening project & have questions / concerns The specified Hydromatic pump model S4S doesn’t meet the performance requirements of 275 GPM @ 55.6 TDH. Attached is the Hydromatic pump performance documents that reflect this concern. I have also attached information on a Barnes Sithe Chopper pump model that does meet the specified duty point. Would the County please review the attached Barnes information and consider our offering as acceptable for this application? Excel Fluid Group located at 5350 W 137th street Brookpark Ohio 44126 & Barnes Pumps located at 420 third street Piqua Ohio 45356…….Would like to assist Cuyahoga County anyway that we can.”

Answer: Under the Performance Criteria on Sheet 3 of 19 of the pump station plans; Change the total dynamic head to 45.6 feet. and change the impellers to 7.5". All other performance criteria remain the same.

5/25/2021: The Ruhlin Company/Alex Licitri

Question: “Based on the MOT plans / widths it appears that the “L” and “LB” joints are backwards in the typical. Does the county care which is used or as long as a longitudinal joint is at the location shown either method is acceptable?”

Answer: The intent is to install the hook bolts at the interface of the two pours. Therefore, if phase 1 is poured first as shown on the plans, the locations of the hook bolts and tie bars would be switched on the typical section. We do not believe this should affect the bidding.

Question: “In order to slip the concrete pavement the one-way traffic will need to be detoured to allow concrete trucks and a concrete placer (if used) to ride next to the section that is being slipped. Will this be allowed?”

Answer: Since the pavement is non-reinforced, it is possible to ride the trucks on the sub base in front of the paver and install the dowel baskets as you move forward. However, it may be requested to close the traffic lane on the day of paving. This would have to be approved by the municipalities.

5/26/2021: Core & Main LP/ Bruce Rivera

Question: “When you have a moment please clarify the domestic steel requirement. Does it apply to MJ fittings & Valve boxes, etc.?”

Answer: Please reference Section 106.09 - Steel and Iron Products Made in the United States, of the General Provisions contained in the Bid Package. Requirements, along with exceptions, are contained in this specification.

5/27/2021: The Ruhlin Company/Alex Licitri

Question: “When going through sidewalk quantities, the walk area for SW-98 appears to be high, takeoff is showing around 525.3 SF and the given quantity is 5253.0. Please advise.”

Answer: Please bid the quantities contained on the Unit Price Bid Sheet. Any increases or decreases in quantities required to meet the plan intent will be addressed during construction.

Question: “The engineer calcs calculate the 304 base for Abbey Road at 6.0” and the typical sections show 4.0”. Which is correct?”

Answer: The aggregate base on Abbey Road will be 4" as shown on the typical section.

5/28/2021: The Ruhlin Company/Alex Licitri

Question: “Is the plan intent to construction the new full depth pavement at York road in the Pre-Phase’s?”

Answer: The Work (Pre-Phase 1) general note on sheet 19 states the intended pre-phase work. New full depth pavement is not included.

5/28/2021: DiGioia-Suburban Excavating/Guy Cunningham

Question: “Please clarify the note on sheet 14 of the plans regarding conduit backfill. Is this specifying that recycled concrete is acceptable as premium backfill in sewer trenches for Type B conduit?”

Answer: As stated in the general note on sheet 14, recycled concrete is only acceptable for non-structural backfill.

Question: “All of the 30” Conduit Type C is labeled Type B in the profiles. Please clarify.”

Answer: Please bid the conduit items as the "Type" they are called out in the Itemized Unit Price Bid Sheet.

Question: “There is a detail for the new headwall at sta. 328+96.37. It specifies removing and replacing the existing gabions. There is a bid item for removing the gabions but no bid item for replacing them. Please clarify.”

Answer: Ref. No. 56 Gabions, As Per Plan is included in the plans.

5/28/2021: Great Lakes Construction/Paul Incorvati

Question: “Please clarify the Item 611 – Conduits, As Per Plan Notes on plan sheet 14. The as per plan notes states "IN ADDITION TO the requirements of Item 611…the following restrictions shall be met for Item 611… 611.02 (A): Non-reinforced concrete pipe (706.01) and vitrified clay pipe (706.08) will not be used. Only Class III minimum for reinforced concrete circular pipe (706.02) and Class HE-III minimum for reinforced concrete elliptical pipe (706.04) will be used. Please confirm that the intent of this note is that other than (706.01) and (706.08), all other pipe materials listed in the Construction and Materials Specifications under 611.02A are acceptable for Type A Conduit and that if (706.02) or (706.04) are used, they must be Class III minimum.”

Answer: Your assumption is correct.

Question: “The Utility Notes for The Illuminating Company (CEI) show a number of conflicting poles that are to be moved or removed. The notes also advise that if modifications to Illuminating Co. facilities are required to permit construction activities, (which they obviously are) the current line shop lead time is 12 weeks + engineering. Has the County notified CEI to begin resolution of the utility's conflicts?”

Answer: CEI is scheduled to begin their relocations in July. Coordination between the Contractor and CEI will be required to try to avoid any conflicts/impacts to the schedule. Any unavoidable delays caused by a delay in utility relocations will be addressed as stated in the pertinent section of the General Provisions.

Question: “The Utility Notes for The Illuminating Company (CEI) show a number of poles that are to be Held. Who is responsible for the cost to have CEI hold these poles?”

Answer: CEI.

Question: “Please confirm that the excavation and replacement of unsuitable material from the existing ditches will be paid for under the 204 Items as described in the Unsuitable Subgrade Material note on plan sheet 12.”

Answer: Item 204 – Excavation of Subgrade is intended to be used for any undercuts in the subgrade required.

Question: “The plan note on sheet 10 says the maximum out of service time for any residential drive is (7) seven days. Can Item 410 be placed on the cement stabilized subgrade to maintain driveway access or will the driveways have to be bridged over the cement stabilized subgrade during the cure period?”

Answer: Item 410 is acceptable.

Question: “The Construction Phasing Note on plan sheet 19 says that the new 16" Watermain is to be performed in Pre Phase 1. The new 16" waterline is only (2) two feet from the centerline at the West end of the project, which leaves only (see attached)What are the maintenance of traffic restrictions during & minimum lane widths during Pre-Phase 1?”

Answer: A minimum of a 10’ lane is required. During construction, it will be agreed on between the Contractor and the Project Engineer how that will be accomplished in that isolated section at the west end of the project.

6/1/2021: The Ruhlin Company/Alex Licitri

Question: “Please provide section E-12 of City of Cleveland Water specifications.”

Answer: Any City of Cleveland Water Specifications not provided can be obtained on the CWD website.

Question: “Can the existing waterline be abandoned in place rather than removed?”

Answer: Please bid the existing waterline to be removed as shown on the plans.

Question: “Reference 146 ‘temporary bypass complete with joints and fittings’ is an as directed item. With no specific locations called out there is no way of knowing how much time or material is needed. Please consider changing this to a “per each” with plan notes for what should be considered per each or make this an allowance that will be paid for on a time and material basis.”

Answer: Please base your bid on the information provided. Payment for any Extra Work required that was not evident during the bid process will follow Section 109.05 of the General Provisions.

6/1/2021: DiGioia-Suburban Excavating/ Guy Cunningham

Question: “You specify installing a 24” RCP sanitary sewer. The profile shows we are tying this into an existing 24” pvc sanitary sewer. Please detail how this connection is to be made.”

Answer: Please base your bid on the information provided. Payment for any Extra Work required that was not evident during the bid process will follow Section 109.05 of the General Provisions.

Question: “Please provide detailed specifications of the fiberglass building for the pump station.”

Answer: Sheet 7 of 19 of the pump station plans has detailed specs for the building. The section is titled "N. Factory or Field Assembled Building."