Bid Terms and Conditions

  1. Applicable laws: Cuyahoga County ordinances and Chapter 307 of the Revised Code of the State of Ohio, as they address competitive bidding, purchases, and contracts.

  3. Special Conditions included in the Bid Document shall take precedence over any general provisions.

  5. Specifications: Unless otherwise stated by the bidder, the proposal will be considered as being in strict accordance with the specifications outlined in the Bid Document. References to a particular trade name, manufacturer's catalog or model number are made for descriptive purposes to guide the bidder in interpreting the requirements of the County only. If awarded a contract, the bidder will be required to furnish a particular item referred to in the specifications or description unless a departure or substitution is clearly noted and described in the proposal and approved by the County.

  7. Infringements and Indemnifications: The bidder agrees to protect, defend, and save the County harmless against any demand for payment for the use of any patented material, process, article, or device that may enter into the manufacture, construction, or form a part of the work covered by either order or contract. The bidder agrees to indemnify and save the County harmless from suits or actions of every nature and description brought against it, for, or on account of any injuries or damage received or sustained by a party or parties by or from any of the acts of the contractor, his servants, or agents. The bidder or contractor agrees to furnish adequate public liability and property damage insurance, the amount of which will be determined by the County whenever such insurance is deemed necessary. Types and amounts of insurance to be provided will be set forth in the Bid Document.

  9. Worker's Compensation: The bidder or contractor agrees to furnish an official certificate or receipt from the Industrial Commission of Ohio (or applicable state) showing that the vendor has paid the necessary premiums into the state insurance fund, whenever such certificates are required in the Bid Document.

  11. Delivery: Quotations must include all charges for delivery, F.0.B. Destination - FREIGHT PREPAID, unless otherwise stated by the bidder in Bid Document. Containers of any type must be on a separate invoice. Seller must issue credit on all returnable containers upon return.

  13. Quantity: The County does not obligate itself to purchase quantities indicated, but the full discount offered must be allowed should the purchases be less.

  15. Bidder Note: Bidder must use Bid Document furnished by Cuyahoga County. No other will be accepted. The County reserves the right to make awards on any proposal by items, or to the lowest total bidder, or reject any or all bids and waive all technicalities.

  17. BE SURE TO INSERT UNIT PRICES AND CARRY OUT EXTENSIONS. In case of an error in extension of prices the unit price will govern. All quoted bid prices must be firm, as no price adjustments will be allowed on the purchase order.

  19. Vendors who deliver goods or perform services without a valid Purchase Order will not be paid by Cuyahoga County.

  21. Cuyahoga County does not assume any payment of Personal Property Taxes for any equipment or property not owned by Cuyahoga County, nor does Cuyahoga County pay any insurance premiums for any coverage of property not owned by Cuyahoga County.

  23. All contingencies in the bidder’s quotation, unless agreed to by Cuyahoga County, will not be allowed as part of the bid. No condition will alter this statement.

  25. Errors or omissions could result in a bid being declared "invalid".

  27. Vendor represents and warrants that neither Vendor nor any of its owners, principals, or senior management are delinquent on any taxes or court costs in Cuyahoga County.

  29. Vendor represents and warrants that it is not subject to an unresolved finding for recovery under Ohio Revised Code Section 9.24. If this representation and warranty is deemed to be false, this Purchase Order is void ab initio, and Vendor must immediately repay to the County any funds paid under the contract.