East 26th Street New Roadway
Contractor: Northeast Ohio Trenching Services
(216) 663-6006
County: Darwin Merdes
Joshua Banaszak
Start Date: 06-01-2022
Notice To Proceed Date: 06-01-2022
Completion Date:
Scheduled Completion Date: 06-01-2023
Anticipated Completion Date: 12-01-2023
Project Amount($):
Contract Award Amount($): $2,163,750.00
Estimated Cost To Completion($): $2,163,750.00
Approved Contract Increases($): 0
Approved Contract Decreases($): 0

January 3, 2024

  • Most of the underground tasks have been completed (storm, sanitary, water work, etc.).
  • Concrete paving completed.
  • Sidewalk/light pole work is underway.

October 9, 2023

  • Work is continuing for underground tasks (majority of storm, sanitary, and water work are completed)
  • Crews are actively working on telecom lines.
  • Cement stabilization is scheduled in the next two weeks.

August 22, 2023

  • Crews have worked excavating the project site to subgrade.
  • Work has begun for underground tasks, beginning with the storm run.


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