Board of Revision

Contact Information:

Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters
2079 E. 9th St, Cleveland, Ohio 44115


Description of Board and Responsibilities:

The Board of Revision is responsible for investigating, hearing and rendering decisions on all valid and timely filed valuation complaints. Additionally, the Board of Revision decides complaints regarding Homestead denials, Remission of Penalty, and HB294 Expedited Foreclosure Hearings. The Board of Revision shall journalize their decisions, send statutory notifications, receive appeals from such decisions, prepare transcripts, and notify the Fiscal Officer of valuation changes and corrections. The Board of Revision website contains all scanned documentation relating to all property valuation complaints from tax year 2012 forward.


Appointing Authority per County Charter 6.02: The County shall have a single Board of Revision, consisting of three members, which shall perform all powers and duties of county boards of revision under general law and such other powers and duties not inconsistent therewith as provided herein or by ordinance. As of the effective date of this provision, the Board shall consist of the County Executive, one appointee of the Council President, and, at the choice of the County Executive, either the Fiscal Officer or Treasurer.

At the choice of the Council President, the Council President’s appointee may either be a member of Council or any other elector of the County. The term of the Council President’s first appointee shall be from the effective date of this provision until January 4, 2016. The term of subsequent appointees shall be for a period of two years commencing on the fifth day of January and every two years thereafter.

If a vacancy occurs in the Council President’s appointee position, the Council President shall appoint a new member to complete the unexpired term.

The Council President’s appointee shall not belong to the same political party as the County Executive at the time of the appointment.

The Board shall elect a chairperson, a secretary, and other officers as it deems appropriate at its organizational meetings.

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Name Term Ends Appointed By/Representation
N/A County Executive
N/A Council
N/A County Executive


Date Title Files
1/08/2024 BOR Organizational Meeting - 01/08/2024