Equity Commission

Leadership Staffing:

The County Executive shall designate a Chairperson of the Commission and shall provide staff resources sufficient for the Commission to fulfill its duties.

Description of Board and Responsibilities:

The Equity Commission oversees the County’s equity efforts, there shall be a Cuyahoga County Equity Commission consisting of the Directors of Development, Human Resources, Health and Human Services, Procurement & Diversity, and Public Safety and Justice Services, or their respective designees. The County shall use its internal resources to assist the Equity Commission with data collection and analysis.


The Commission’s duties shall include:

  1. Developing and implementing a system for the collection of baseline equity data relating to the domains and goals/values of this equity plan
  2. Developing equity plan objectives, after collection of baseline data and completion of a disparity study
  3. Assisting departments and agencies in developing and implementing equity plans, including objectives, measurement of outcomes, and revision of objectives when needed. When feasible, the Commission shall collaborate with county boards and commissions in developing and implementing equity plans
  4. Coordinating with the Citizens’ Advisory Council on Equity
  5. Developing and implementing a plan for community outreach on equity
  6. Maintaining a page on the County’s website to provide information on its activities
  7. Issuing an Annual Equity Report not later than January 31

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