Roster of Officials

County Executive:
Chris Ronayne

Pernel Jones, Jr. (District 8), Council President
Cheryl L. Stephens (District 10), Council Vice-President
Patrick Kelly (District 1)
Dale Miller (District 2)
Martin J. Sweeney (District 3)
Michael Byrne (District 4)
Michael J. Gallagher (District 5)
Jack H. Schron, Jr. (District 6)
Yvonne M. Conwell (District 7)
Meredith M. Turner (District 9)
Sunny M. Simon (District 11)

Clerk of Council:
Andria Richardson

Director of Law:
Richard D. Manoloff, Esq.

Other Charter County Officers:
Prosecutor: Michael C. O'Malley, Esq.
Fiscal Officer: Michael W. Chambers, CPA
Medical Examiner: Thomas P. Gilson, M.D.
Clerk of Courts: Nailah K. Byrd, Esq.
Director of Public Works: Michael W. Dever, MPA
County Treasurer: Brad Cromes
Sheriff: Harold A. Pretel