Chapter 102: Definitions

Section 102.01 Code-Wide Definitions

In the construction of this Code of the County of Cuyahoga, the following definitions shall be observed unless an alternative definition is otherwise provided in the Code:

A. “Administrative Code” shall mean the Cuyahoga County Administrative Code published pursuant to Chapter 113 of the County Code.

B. “Agreement” shall mean the writing or instrument, which evidences the understanding and intention between two or more parties with respect to their rights, duties, obligations, or performances. It shall be given its broadest definition as the term is customarily used, and it shall include, without limitation, contracts, sales and purchase agreements, lease agreements, agreements with other governmental entities or political subdivisions, or any other agreements. For purposes of this Code, “Agreement” shall be synonymous with the term “Contract,” but it shall not apply to settlement agreements, which are specifically addressed in Cuyahoga County Code Chapter 109.

C. “Charter” shall mean the County of Cuyahoga Charter also known as the Charter of Cuyahoga County, effective on January 1, 2010, and shall include any amendments to such Charter.

D. “Code” shall mean the Cuyahoga County Code, unless the context otherwise requires.

E. “Contract” shall be given the same meaning and definition as “Agreement”.

F. “County” shall mean the County of Cuyahoga, Ohio created by the Cuyahoga County Charter. As used in the Code, the term “County” shall include all County contracting authorities.

G. “County Council” or “Council” shall mean the County Council of the County of Cuyahoga, Ohio.

H. “C.C.C.” or “CCC” shall mean the Cuyahoga County Code.

I. “County Executive” shall mean the County Executive of the County of Cuyahoga, Ohio.

J. “Day” shall mean a calendar day, unless otherwise expressly stated.

K. “Executive-elect” shall mean such person as is the apparent successful candidate for the office of County Executive as ascertained by the Director of Law following the general elections held for the office of County Executive.

L. “Electronic Signature” shall mean an electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a resolution, ordinance, contract, agreement, legal instrument, or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.

M. “Month” shall mean a calendar month, unless otherwise expressly stated.

N. “Oath” includes affirmation and “swear” includes affirm.

O. “Ohio R.C.”, “ORC”, “Revised Code”, “R.C.”, or “RC” refer to the Ohio Revised Code.

P. “Person” includes an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, and association.

Q. “Premises", as applied to property, shall include land and buildings.

R. “Property” shall mean real and personal property.

S. “The State” or “this State” shall mean the State of Ohio.

T. “Year” shall mean a calendar year unless otherwise expressly stated.

(Ordinance Nos. O2014-0032, Enacted 1/27/2015, Effective 1/29/2015; O2014-0022, Enacted 9/23/2014, Effective 9/29/2014); O2014-0015, Enacted 6/10/2014, Effective 6/16/2014; O2013-0001, Enacted 2/26/2013, Effective 2/27/2013)