Chapter 108: Parking for Public Meetings

Section 108.01 Parking for Public Meetings of Council

A. The County shall provide complimentary parking for the public to attend public meetings of the County Council and its committees at the Huntington Park Garage, on a space-available basis, as provided in this Chapter 108 of the County Code.

B. Complimentary parking will be available beginning at 8:30 AM on any day when the Council or any of its committees holds meetings.

C. That Clerk of Council will make vouchers available for visitors to pick up when leaving the County Council meeting. The voucher will be stamped for the day of the meeting and will be honored for complimentary parking at the Cuyahoga County Huntington Park Garage, located at 1141 West 3rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio on that day only.

D. On days when all available parking at Huntington Park Garage may be needed for a major event, the Director of Public Works, or their designee, may cancel complimentary parking for that day. At least two weeks' notice shall be provided on the County's website.

E. Complimentary parking vouchers for County Council shall be printed so as to be distinct from other parking documents used at the Huntington Park Garage. The Director of Public Works shall maintain a record showing the dates that vouchers were honored and the number honored on each date, and shall provide this information to the Clerk of Council on a quarterly basis.

(Ordinance Nos. O2012-0031, Enacted 11/27/2012, Effective 11/28/2012; O2011-0020, Enacted 4/26/2011, Effective 5/1/2011)