Chapter 716: Background Check Service Fees (General Public)

Section 716.01 Establishment of Fees for Fingerprints and Web Checks

The Sheriff’s Department shall collect and deposit fees for concealed handgun licenses in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. For all other fingerprint and background check services, the Sheriff’s Department shall establish the fees. The fees established by the Sheriff’s Department may include the following:

A. The costs assessed to the Sheriff’s Department by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to perform the checks; and

B. The costs incurred by the Sheriff’s Department in performing these services, including personnel and technology costs.

(Ordinance No. O2014-0019, Enacted 8/12/2014, Effective 8/15/2014)

Section 716.02 Posting of Fees on Web Site

The Sheriff’s Department shall post the most up-to-date fees to conduct background check services on its web site.

(Ordinance No. O2014-0019, Enacted 8/12/2014, Effective 8/15/2014)