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Cuyahoga County's Department of Consumer Affairs makes sure people who live or shop in Cuyahoga County get what they pay for. Our Weights and Measures Division tests the accuracy of store scales, gas pumps and other measures used in retail sales to consumers. Our Consumer Protection Division mediates consumer complaints against companies.

Consumer Affairs organizes the activities of Scam Squad, a task force formed to fight scams that target residents of any age.


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photo of Sheryl HarrisSheryl Harris, Director

Sheryl is the Director of the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs, a civil enforcement agency that protects County residents from unfair and deceptive sales practices. Before joining the County in 2015, she wrote the Plain Dealing consumer column for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Sheryl is a recipient of the 2020 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award. She's passionate about helping Cuyahoga County residents avoid scams.


photo of Shaun BlandShaun Bland, Weights and Measures Supervisor

Shaun spent 10 years as a weights and measures inspector in a neighboring county before joining Cuyahoga’s Weights and Measures Division in 2014. Before he became an inspector, Shaun earned a degree in culinary arts and worked as a sous chef. He says the best part of his job with the county is being able to work in new locations every day.


photo of Drew ThomasDrew Thomas, Consumer Affairs Specialist

Drew joined the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs in 2022, bringing 5 years of nonprofit experience with a strong focus on serving vulnerable communities. Drew is the contact for Scamo games or presentations and is passionate about teaching consumers how to avoid scams. Outside of the office, Drew enjoys long walks at Edgewater Park, catching live music, and all things Cleveland.


photo of Jill GibsonJill Gibson, Administrative Assistant

Jill started with Cuyahoga County in 2016 and joined Consumer Affairs in 2023. She brings over 20 years of customer service experience with her. She keeps the Department of Consumer Affairs organized and running smoothly. Jill also enjoys going out into communities and talking with county residents about Consumer Affairs programs. Away from work, she enjoys live local music, hiking in the Metro Parks, and traveling with family and friends.


Jim Sturgeon, Consumer Affairs Investigator

Jim joined the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs in 2015. After graduating from Ohio Dominican University in Columbus in criminal justice, Jim worked as a patrol officer. He has been a bank fraud investigator and spent 13 years with the Delaware County sheriff’s office as a digital forensic investigator. His hobby is photography. Jim enjoys working in Consumer Affairs because it’s an opportunity to give a voice to consumers who may otherwise not be heard.


Cindy Predmetsky, Consumer Affairs Investigator

Cindy joined the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs in 2016. Cindy has been with Cuyahoga County since 2007, previously working with the Division of Child Support. Prior to her work with Cuyahoga County she worked with the Better Business Bureau as the director of dispute resolution. Cindy’s favorite part of being an investigator is the opportunity to ensure consumers are treated fairly and alerting them to potential scam and fraud attempts.


photo of Adam AyersAdam Ayers, Weights and Measures Inspector

Adam joined the Cuyahoga County Division of Weights and Measures in 2017. Adam has a degree in Criminal Justice and served as a Military Policeman for ten years with the Air Force Reserve. He enjoys learning about different businesses in Cuyahoga County and educating business owners and consumers about how Weights and Measures protects both businesses and consumers.


photo of Neal PopovicNeal Popovic, Weights and Measures Inspector

Neal joined the Cuyahoga County Division of Weights and Measures in 2020. Neal brings over twenty years of experience from the retail grocery industry to the department. He enjoys interacting with people and helping them understand how Weights and Measures serves the community.




photo of Brice WilliamsBrice Williams, Weights and Measures Inspector

A Cleveland Heights native, Brice joined the Weights and Measures Division in 2022. Brice loves having a job where he's doing something for the public good by making sure ordinary consumers get what they pay for. In his free time, Brice likes to spend time outside exploring the Cleveland Metroparks, keeping fit, and even dabbling in Jiu Jitsu. Brice holds a master's degree in African American and African Studies.