Find Tax Help

The Cuyahoga County Treasurer’s Office has several programs to help homeowners better manage their property tax bill:

  • EasyPay lets you spread tax payments across the whole year by setting up regular auto-withdrawals from your bank account. The monthly option may be easier to manage for those who have trouble budgeting for the regular half-year payment. Find out more about the EasyPay program.
  • Delinquent Tax Payment Plans let those who’ve fallen behind on taxes catch up – and avoid serious consequences of delinquency, which can include hefty penalties, debt collection and even foreclosure. A payment plan stops interest from accruing on your tax debt and halts a tax-related foreclosure action. Once you’re on a payment plan, it’s important to keep up with it. Call the Treasurer’s Office at 216-443-7420 (choose option 1) to find out if you're eligible for a Delinquent Tax Payment Plan.
  • The Homestead Tax Exemption lets qualifying homeowners reduce their property taxes. The program is designed to help senior citizens, disabled homeowners and, in some cases, their surviving spouses. Income-eligible couples can qualify even if only one partner is a senior or disabled. The annual deadline is the first Monday in June – but homeowners who met the criteria a year ago can check the “late application” box on the form to get the tax break for the previous year, too. For information about the program, call 216-443-7050.

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