Newly Launched Cuyahoga County Scam Squad Website Serves as Information Hub for Residents and Partners

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Scam Squad Website Goes Live in Celebration of National Consumer Protection Week, March 6-12, 2022

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH – The Cuyahoga County Scam Squad has launched its new website to serve as an information hub for County residents and Scam Squad partners. The new website contains resources for everyone, including how to avoid scams, how to report a scam, a list of steps for scam victims, materials for law enforcement and retailers, and more.

Scam Squad is a task force made up of nonprofit organizations and local, state and federal enforcement agencies.

The launch of the new Scam Squad site comes during National Consumer Protection Week, March 6-12, 2022, a time dedicated to help people understand their consumer rights and avoid frauds and scams.

“This site lets you quickly assess whether you or people you love are being scammed, identify the steps to take to limit the damage and quickly file a report,” said Sheryl Harris, Director of the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs. “It also provides an easy way for the public to access the expertise of Scam Squad members.”

Features include:

  • Tips on avoiding current scams.
  • A handouts and tip sheets page where anyone can download materials or request printed materials.
  • A member’s page with links to Scam Squad partners’ websites.

Visit the new Scam Squad website.