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Cuyahoga County Black History Month Series

To celebrate Black History Month, we're sharing the stories of people who have left a lasting legacy on Cuyahoga County. Learn about these trailblazers and their impact through the years.

Garrett Morgan: Inventor, Creator of the Stoplight Prototype

The last part of our Black History Month Series will focus on Garrett Morgan. By taking a trip to the County Archives, we were able to take a deep dive into Morgan’s impact and contributions to Cuyahoga County and the entire country!

Jane Edna Hunter: A Lifelong Advocate for Women

The namesake of our Health and Human Services building, Jane Edna Hunter (1882-1971), devoted her life to improving the conditions of Black women and is featured in a painting and statue in the building.

Breaking Up with Romance Scams in 2021

Many people who lose money to romance scams feel like they’re all alone, but last year, romance scams made it onto Consumer Affairs’ Top 10 Scams list.

The Lab Cohort Member CablePlant Talks Tech

CablePlant is an innovative software for companies to document their physical network, which could include buildings, service facilities, data cabling and network connections.

Unemployment Insurance Fraud: Four Steps to Recovery

Scammers have exploited pandemic unemployment insurance programs by filing for benefits using stolen names and Social Security numbers. Tens of thousands of Ohioans are believed to have been impacted.

$6.2 Million Mastick Road Project Completed

The Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works is celebrating the completion of Mastick Road in the cities of Fairview Park and North Olmsted, a stretch of 3.2 miles of road that saw over $6.2 million in improvements across five years.

Citizens’ Advisory Council on Equity Releases Status Report to Community

The Cuyahoga County Citizens’ Advisory Council on Equity (CACE) has completed its initial “Citizens’ Advisory Council on Equity: A Status Report to the Community”, containing an abundance of findings, recommendations and aspirations regarding how best to combat structural racism in Cuyahoga County.

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