Your Year Round Benefits Consultant

ALEX is an easy-to-use online tool that’s funny, speaks in plain English (not insurance-talk), and is available to help you figure out which benefits plans will best serve your needs (anonymously, of course). Go to “Choose My Benefits” on the ALEX homepage to find the benefit plans that provide the right level of coverage for you! He’ll ask you some questions and walk you through your anticipated 2022 benefit needs (no personal health information will be requested). Based on your responses, ALEX® will recommend a medical plan and other benefits that are the best fit for your lifestyle and wallet. ALEX is here after you choose your benefits, too, so come back throughout the year to learn more about how to make the most of your choices!


Jump online and visit ALEX® at




ALEX Benefits Counselor

ALEX provides a summary of your benefits and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.


New Hire Sneak Peek

ALEX helps to figure out which benefits suit your needs.