Medical Mutual Resources

In partnership with Medical Mutual, Cuyahoga County offers a variety of programs and services at no cost to participants who are covered by their health plan.


Disease Management

The Chronic Condition Management program is provided at no additional cost to you. This program supports the care you receive from your healthcare providers.


Member Discounts

Medical Mutual members have access to valuable discounts on the many unique health products and services.


Nurse Line

Medical Mutual provides access to highly-trained and experienced nurses available 24/7 to help.


Online Tools

Online tools from Medical Mutual make your health insurance information accessible 24 hours.



QuitLine helps tobacco users kick the habit for good.


Maternity App

The app features a variety of resources and tools to help women and their families prepare for a baby’s arrival.



Telehealth visits are a virtual way to connect with your healthcare providers by computer, tablet or smartphone.


Weight Watchers

Along with feeling better and gaining self-confidence, you can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.


Where to Find Care

List of options if you can't reach your primary care physician or don't have time for an office visit.


COVID-19 Information

Medical Mutual continues to monitor news and developments related to COVID-19.