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Cuyahoga County Tuition Assistance Program FAQs

Tuition Assistance FAQs

What is the purpose of the Tuition Assistance Program?
When does the Tuition Assistance Program Begin?
Am I required to participate in the program?
Who is eligible for the Tuition Assistance Program?
I work part-time; can I participate to gain skills/education for a full-time position?
What schools can I attend to be eligible for Tuition Assistance?
Do my classes, or degree, need to be related to my current work?
If I resign, or I’m terminated prior to completion of the course(s) will I be reimbursed for my costs?
Do I need to pursue a graduate degree?
Are conferences or courses required to maintain licensure eligible?
Are all costs related to education covered?
Am I required to achieve a certain grade point average?
I’m auditing a class related to my current job classification, can I participate in the program?
What is the maximum reimbursement?
Am I required to remain employed for a specific period of time?
What is the process for applying?
How do I submit my receipts for reimbursement?
Do I need to provide official transcripts to get reimbursement?